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Together with Chemistry with solution - 12
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Together with Chemistry with solution - 12

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The salient features of this book are :

1. Adequate number of important terms, definitions and important topics of New Syllabus have been given in the beginning of each chapter, so as to understand the chapter easily and these definitions and topics may be asked in examination.

2. Important formulae are given in each chapter of physical chemistry.

3. Organic chemistry has been covered in detail and quick revision charts will be very useful for students.

4. General trends have been discussed in Inorganic Chemistry. Chemical reactions involved in main group elements and transition metals have been included in detail.

5. Additional questions have been arranged along with previous years’ questions which may be asked in Board Examination this year. All the questions of new NCERT text-book and NCERT Exemplar Problems have been included with the coverage of HOTS questions.

6. This book contains Very Short Answer type questions of 1 Mark, Short Answer type questions (I) of 2 Marks, Short Answer type questions (II) of 3 Marks and Long Answer type questions of 5 marks (wherever applicable).

7. Self-Evaluation Tests have been included after every chapter so that students can thoroughly prepare these chapters and evaluate themselves.

8. Value Based Questions have been included chapterwise.

9. This book contains solved latest CBSE sample paper with their blue prints, 10 unsolved Practice papers and latest Examination Papers.

10. This book also incorporates the supplementary textual material issued by CBSE.


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